) Monuesday

heheh that's my version of the middle of the night on Monday.  A bit of Monday left and a bit of Tuesday knockin' at the door.

 We're within a stone's throw of going live with the new Community, premiering the new Digi clue and all sorts of assorted fun new things around the clubhouse! It's been a few VERY busy weeks for the ol' jac!!  But, I'm lovin' every second of it, so don't be feeling sorry for me at all!

 Tomorrow is a sleep-in day for me, I hope you're getting the same opportunity, too! Or at the very least, you're tucked in tight for the night already!  Of course I always say "I'm sleepin' in!" and then end up getting up early, anyway, with the excitement of what another day of CS fun has in store for me.

 Well, back to extracting fibers I go... Check out the new digi kits and you'll see my nifty handywork!

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